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Outline of the Insurance Policy

1. Insurance value
Insurance value is the value of your household goods at the time of application. Insurance value is a "current value' and which is presumed by the calculation of "items' value at the purchase time minus depreciation of the items by the time of the application."

2. Application of Insurance value
Upon moving, an insurance value list will be given to you. Please fill in the form with quantity and value of each of your household goods and submit to Eaglenet Co., Ltd.

(1) If you set the insurance value lower than the current value , you may receive an insufficient amount of coverage.
(2) It is strongly advised that you make sure to enter each of your items in the insurance value list with the quantity and the value. Any items which are not on the insurance value list and items which are not given a quantity or value may not be warranted.
(3) Following items are not covered by the insurance.
  a. Any currency, securities, jewels and precious stones.
b. Items which cannot be valued.

3. Duration of Insurance
(1) From the time we collect your items from your house (or place of storage) in Japan until delivery to your house (or place of storage) in the destination country. (Claims must be made to the insurance company within a week after your items are delivered.)
(2) If you want to store your items in a warehouse for more than one month at the destination country, this insurance is effective until the delivery of your items to the warehouse. (You are required to apply for another insurance for the storage, if necessary.)

4. Events covered under this insurance
(1) Damage by fire, explosion and lightning during shipment.
(2) Damage by accidents of shipping equipment.
(3) Water damage.
(4) Loss or theft.
(5) Breakage, abrasion and damage.
(6) For car damage, only external damage which is clearly incurred during the shipment.

5. Events NOT covered under this insurance
(1) Negligence or intentional damage by the owner.
(2) Damages caused by natural depletion; mold, rust, discoloration, deterioration and decay.
(3) Damages incurred by the incomplete packing by the owner.
(4) Loss arising from the delay of shipment.
(5) For car damage, small scratches on exterior and interior and any engine trouble.
< Notice >
(a) Electrical or mechanical damages of computer or other precision machines are not warranted (Insurance only covers the external damages caused by faulty impacts during the shipment).
In addition, loss or damage of data in computer is not warranted. We recommend an owner to keep a backup data.
(b) For music instruments, de-tuning caused by shipment is not warranted.

6. How to decide coverage value
(1) Total repair costs for items which are repairable. (Please keep the receipt for the repair.)
(2) Purchase the same or the equal items for the replacement of the broken items. (Depreciation of the items will be taken into consideration for the appraisal.)
(3) If an item is not classified under the above two conditions, the insured value of the item will be paid back. (The maximum payment will be the value which is given by an owner on the insurance value list.)
< Important > The minimum value of the above three conditions will be chosen.
< Notice >
(a) For set items: only damaged items should be covered under the insurance.
For example, breakage of two cups out of five cups of a tea set of 10,000. Insurance will cover 4,000 for the broken two cups.
(b) Coverage of the insurance is strictly limited to the value listed on the insurance value list. Regrettably an owner's particular feelings or sentiment on an item is not covered under the insurance.

7. How to file a claim
( Contact insurance company is listed on the upper left-hand corner of the Insurance policy.)
(1) Please contact the insurance company and obtain a set of documents for a claim within a week after the delivery of items. (Please keep the name of the person in charge to whom you contacted.)
(2) Report contents of loss / damage of items by filling in the documents for claim and fax or mail to the insurance company.
If the amount of claimed value is greater than a certain amount, you may be requested for a further report from the insurance company or a surveyor may make an investigation.
Please keep or take a picture of a damaged item until the insurance company effects confirmation.

Note: This is an outline of the insurance policy. The insurance policy will be issued after the completion of the insurance value list.

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