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Vehicle (To-From Japan)
Vehicle Export

Export of a car and motorcycle
Export customs clearance is not so difficult. You have to pay much more attention to import customs clearance in the country to which you are going to send the vehicle.
Namely, since gas regulation and safety criterion are defined for each country, it is necessary to investigate beforehand whether the export vehicle is meeting the safe criterion in the destination country. (or obtain the Import Permission from the destination country)
Necessary documents for export
1. De-registration Certificate (original)
2. Packing List, Invoice, Ocean BL (These are available at our office)
Necessary documents for obtaining de-registration
1. Application of de-registration
2. Registration certificate (= Shakensho)
3. Two(2) number plates
4. Inkan Registration Certificate or signature Registration Certificate
5. Residence Certificate.

Vehicle Import

Necessary documents for import
1. Registration certificate (copy) which are used at origin country.
2. Ocean BL (original) or WayBL(copy)
3. Invoice & Packing list.
Import duty
5% of invoice value is imposed
Duty Free
When fulfilling the following condition, 5% tax is exempted from taxation:
1. The vehicle was registered per your name at the origin country for more than 6 months
2. You have a Declaration Form 5360 which was provided upon your arrival at the first air-port in Japan.
3. Your visa is for one year or more and you can obtain your Residence Certificate
Vehicle Registration Certificate
After the customs clearance, there is an inspection on whether to conform to safety criterion and gas regulation. Since considerable expense (US$1,000 - US$8,000) might be charged to meet the safety and gas regulation, please fax beforehand the copy of present registration certificate.

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