Other Services
Other Services
  In case of the following, please use our storage room.
For your new assignment to abroad, unnecessary items are stored for a long period of time.
Although returning from abroad, your new house has not been settled.
Although moved in, the new house is not large enough for all items.
When you want to utilize the space of a dwelling effectively.

  Attachment and removal are also a part of moves.

  Disposal of unnecessary items results in saving of moving expenses.

  Upright piano, grand piano, organ, etc., the methods of packing and transportation will be arranged according to the kind and size.

  The voltage is different in each country. Japanese-made home electric appliances cannot be used as it is overseas. 120 volts in North America and 240 volts in Europe. You have to prepare transformers in accordance with each country.

Local move
  The local moves to parents' home, to relatives or friends also tend to be required.

Cleaning of house after the move
  After the move, the cleaning of the house within a limited time is sometime very difficult.

Limousine service
  At the departure date, our limousine can carry your big luggage and big family to the port together. Especially if you have small children or pets, we recommend this limousine service. Also at the time of arrival, if you can advise us your arrival time and flight number beforehand, our limousine will wait for you at the arrival lobby.

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